Saturday, September 30, 2006

We know, we know.

My goodness, Toby is a handsome gent.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

sealing wax enclosed beneath
an emblem of something past
my synapses were yours
through the post
and I wonder if you
keep them beneath an old sweater
collecting dust in a closet
not because I wonder if you think of me
but if you remember me
then perhaps my ink
and spirit
will remain an empty firepit
because I wouldn't have a mantle
after my flame was gone


singing sofly sonorously
you seduced me
smiles swiveling at the sides
of your lips

A Spam Mail I Recieved that I wish I wrote

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

five years from now
when I say you wasted my time
what I'll really mean
is that I needed you to survive.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

What I Wonder About You

do you drink coffee when you can't wake up
or when you can't sleep
how do you answer your phone
do you put a hand into the shower to test the water
or do you just know where to turn the knobs?
how do you make your bed?
are the sheets over or under the pillows?
What's the one word that always makes you laugh?
in what position do you lie to sleep?
what nickname did your mother have for you?
do you read the entire newspaper or just the comics?
how long do you take to feel comfortable
and will we be comfortable
will we be
anything at all


the corners of my vision
crusted with the night
met the day with dark words

a tone
and then you were back
how does one rise from the dead
with such ease
not knowing how close they were

I existed without you for half an hour
Now I won't again.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What I Saw as I Sat in the Backseat

“Shadow Puppets”

There were shadows cast by lamplight (on the car)
you and she were talking
I watched your specter
her shadow
they melded into one (on the car)
and I sat (in the car)
smiling for us

Cementing Our Friendship with a Black

I hear you’re a painter
Well I’ve always wanted to be colorful
But these empty spaces
Have no numbers
So you’ll have to improvise

You could paint me like the Sistine Chapel
get paint on your shoes
in my hair
Little spots of blue on white rubber soles

About the Grasshopper in Steinberg's Class Monday

little speck of green
perpendicular to my desk
swelling creaking sighing
I scoop you into my hands
prickly, your feet
into the world little speck
lost in the vernal land

Monday, September 11, 2006


cold bathroom tiles
frosty wooden beams
cuddled beneath a blanket

you're a wonder
rising and falling softly
wondrously sleeping
with your eyebrows knit

snoring but I don't mind
against the wall
pins and needles
my arm is
pins and needles


Don't listen to my mouth
it wasn't doing what it was supposed to
the words came tumbling out faster
and cruder
mocking my best intentions.

I have told my mouth to apologize
but the words are tangled behind my gums
the tonsils are rebelling
my tongue has tied itself to the roof
and my teeth are chattering amongst themselves
ignoring pleas for attention

Don't hold my mouth against me
strangled syntax and verbs without objects
sentences sharpened to slice and maim
mutilated what I had meant to say
and I apologize for my inability
to quell my mutinous mouth.


“Cup O’ Tea”

A reflection in the spoon.
The sugar dissolves into the brown brew.
Add just a little milk.
It makes a submerged cumulus.
Clink. Clink. Clink.
Swirls chase metal.
Bring the liquid to twin pink petals.
I feel the warmth slither down.
Still Herbal.
Return to rest position.
Repeat as desired


“A Toast”

Our glasses clicked as our lips
made a silent toast
to our love
the unspoken words lay sweet
on our tongues
the syllables tumbling over and under each
shouting silent sentences
in our shared breath

Credo Quia Abusurdum

“On Reading a Poem from an Old Lover”


Pages yellow with age
ink that has turned brown(ish black)
I read the words that youwrote
when Passion.
took your delicate fingers (that I had held so softly)

You said you’d chosen me (always)
you never knew that I’d chosen you (for always)

now your delicate fingers (that I had held so softly)
are clasped in hers
and the golden ring of a
thousand broken (hearts)
drowns out the din of what
have been.