Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Katch + Casey's poems


As the waves crash
salt on skin
not knowing where memory begins
I feel the NaCl and I smile

There are traps set for me
loveless marriage because it's easy
or a life doing other's obligations
but I've got aspirations

the world will be mine and me the world's
I am more than a pretty girl
Fear me. Fight me.
Love me.

I am.
I will.

And you'd best watch out.


Seeing the world in color and shapes
I never see just wallpaper
it's a landscape, escape
the result of St. Paddy's day

But what to do, where am I
caught between a father's hopes
and an artistic temperament

Casey O'Connor, this I am
Juno may be what I admire
but I am truly what I aspire
and this is real.
I make my own reality.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I Love your poems...and forget how much I miss you reading them! Just read a bunch from IRE to my mom and she absolutely loved them, and said you are incredibly talented! And I was like yea I know...I cant wait till shes famous....Miss and love you---Katch