Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Meant to be read aloud.


the tick has come my dear
to tell the tock of us
sit settle simmer shine
your eyes they silent observe

the hands are leaving
the footsteps leaving
must the calling clock always call
but darling it is so
to take ticking tocking true

I am here it is clear
to those who hear
and wish to tenderly
sigh sob swimming dying
by giving themselves away

the mermaids, the black woods
an errant path is showing
and off in the celestial bureaucracy
He waits knowing.

Trial and error slightly
denied the way I'm breaking into
JD, Capote, Fitzgerald
a dream in sepia
you reach without a word

through words calling
through the tick tocking
and the clocking
a face always stares

seaweed stares
from aquamarine eyes
that resonate from the seafoam
and the sirens screaming

luring us and echoing
resounding around the sound
while leaves cracking and
closing call quietly for a silent God

crunching echoes footsteps
leaves dry brown
breath smoke steams
streams water laps
enjoy cold air
clouds out and in
time slow goes
mittens cold hands
scarves neck warm
three one words

water whispers beneath
the grey veil of air moving
invisible mazes neurons fire


JavaBomberman said...

"the time has come"



April said...


Anonymous said...

I am the walrus.

I love the flow to this, it's really fun.

JavaBomberman said...

"to speak of many things."

Anonymous said...

Did you write this one? I never asked.

April said...

yes'm, I did.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Well, my previous comment about loving the flow & enjoying the poem stands.