Wednesday, November 22, 2006

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N: spells more bad poetry!

"A Delicious Heart Attack"

My green shoes are black
because it is raining
sausages and onions
my breath smells like
a greasy hole in the wall
restaurant where the cook
hits on your friend and
the bathroom is a shithole
yet aching after ingesting
a delicious heart attack
I wonder
will there be a parallel universe
where you and I sit
next to each other
in an empty bus station.

"A Glance That Lingers"

beneath barren bookshelves
I watched your face
aglow with the light
it moved with grace
and I pondered what kind
of us we could be like

I pictured us laughing
dirty backpackers by the Siene
behind us the city of light
but what happens then?


I have a first sentence
it flowered in me
a burst of creativity
as I rush to get the words
on this blank page

these little black marks
hold no meaning
but with them
I will make a world
and take my day of rest

A person who is unable to
look at a closed door
and not wonder about
what magnificent secret
could be on the other side.


I know very well how I got my name
the blood of sea warriors
courses through my veins
as unpredictable as the salty waves
with no particular course or aim

The emerald isle kept them
until it bore no more earthly apples
and they ventured to the sea again
in search of greener shores

A port in Boston received the lot
and in firehouses and cobblestone streets
the blood of my family did clot and heal
until it was ready to explore once more

Now the tide has reversed
and the salty blood of Murphy
shall return to the earth that gave it birth

"The Caravan"

Sand is blowing on the wind
it is too caustic and grates the skin
as the particles fly past

brown spots dance on the horizon
silhouetted against the sun
camels and horses
scattered like bagatelles

This silk will fetch a fine price
jewels for my coterie
and that must suffice
for a trader in this dry sea

"The Four Wish Tiger" or "Shitty Poem about Imaginary Allegory and Shallow Rhyming"

The four wish tiger prowls these woods
each stripe ablaze in different hue
I can't quite describe and not sure I would
if able to describe it for you I could
but I will say its are are a sapphire blue

above the clouds in a dark cave it dwells
perilous and arduous is the journey
past the dark wood the water swells
and off in the distance a wolf yells
but the tiger is waiting for me

He will ask me many questions
and I will try to answer
putting together a sonorous string of definitions
and witty monologue on the importance of intuition
but, he, the tiger, will not listen

the four wish tiger, a magical beast
dislikes pretensions and will roar
openings its jaws wide to feast
my answers, so shallow, it will abhor

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Anonymous said...

Bitch, please! You're prolific. Damn. I like O'Murchadah, and I'm going to try to tease meaning out of the allegory, imaginary or not! Mostly because there's a wolf in it.