Sunday, October 08, 2006

Shitty poetry (what a shock?)

Becoming slowly what would seem
forever a step ahead
I called to you and what came
resounding back
echoes upon sound waves
sine waves upon fractals
you care
you love
but that's an illusion
smoke and mirrors and particles
dancing in the infared spectrum that makes up
my consciousness
Can I believe what I feel to be true?
I intuit a completely different level
than what you lead me to believe
yet I feel it
and I wish it
but aspirations and musings
have left me empty
gaping void desiring the slightest inclination of hope
but I see it
and I feel it
when I look into your baby blue view
s'il vous plait
don't leave me behind
where darkness and emptiness wait
I came expecting nothing
and I will leave empty handed
because I have stood in your shadow
at least through your specter I glimpsed the outline
of the corona
of what
could be

that is, if you could even
what would it be like
if you truly reciprocated me

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