Wednesday, October 04, 2006

"You can talk about anything, April. For hours. Can't you?"
- Nick

"This is April, she suffers from too much personality" - Matt Vercant

"Any drink, any gender, anywhere, anytime. That's her philosophy!" - Sean Lewis

"When April speaks, she takes a very long time to tell a story. And very deliberately, we always get there" - Professor Tim


cobaltgrc said...

Self Worship? Hmm. Troubling.

btw, just so you know, I'm the greatest person in the world. Right after President Bush.

Blackfish said...

Haha, April self-worship...yeah, right. All appearances to the contrary, it's mostly just ironic.

Blackfish said...

Ironic due to lack of actual egomania, not due to lack of actual incomparable-ness.

cobaltgrc said...

Such defense, peter b! I wonder whom you worship.

Blackfish said...

PFFT! I say!

April said...

oh, you.